no money DIE but make creative

haii all readers, thank you for the criticism and suggestions are delivered either directly or through a message,, aaa I was very excited when reading it. and to celebrate the interest of the reader who has reached 1500, this special edition story about money,, hahaha who does not like money? hear it already interested, especially if you have to tell? btw, I'm sorry if the English language is still a mess, but try to start something new while learning does'nt seem to matter :) wkwkwk..

well, this story begins from the term "the power of kepepet" 
The true story of a civil engineering student named Lulu. 
"syalalalala while singing, (really remember that day, sacred Friday) only realized 2 o'clock in the morning, but the eye has not been closed because of finished many tasks. something bothered her after the task, the song playing is also not relieve her feelings. extremely upset, she remember in the next day had given campus schedule at 10:30 am. she opened the wallet and got shocked,,LULU DOES NOT HAVE MONEY! money left in her wallet just 9500 rupiah only, Lulu really confused about transportation, how to she could leave the next day due to trip home and go at least have to set aside money about 14000 rupiah. that days it's even already 1.5 months Lulu does not receive money for a situation.

Lulu actually been trying to find additional money by working as a tutor of mathematics, physics, and chemistry. Student tutoring by Lulu started elementary to senior high school, not immune to selling a variety of food and she leave in the campus cafeteria (by coincidence Lulu active in student groups that deal with issues of entrepreneurship) but the money has gone to pay for school fees and daily needs. even her boyfriend also been asked, "Lulu do you have money for transport or just eat? because her boyfriend so know the circumstances,, but Lulu always answers have money, because they do not want to make her boyfriend feeling sad. Lulu also never told her friends about it, who knows only her friends Lulu loves to trade. They do not even know if it has been paying his own tuition.

"Blue" Friday morning, it was on her mind just wanted to go to the campus to attend classes and collect duties, that's all. but her intention is not burning consistent with the fact that there is, as a result she din't have money to go to campus. with a steely determination and surrender themselves to God she ventured to remain off to campus. She simply believes that God will always help in any way whether it's because in every prayer she always begged smoothness and being personally blessed even though Lulu is not too religious, human. hahaha, but just trying to surrender to the situation.

First, Lulu must run from her home to the bus stop, at the moment she walks alone and thinking only hows she could go home and stay until late afternoon because this time she was carrying only a loaf of bread and water in the bag. after boarding the bus, Lulu had to change transportation to campus (civil engineering). in the transport very dense, for some reason there is a women who threw a smile and was about to go down in the campus plan near the Lulu study. Suddenly when the women said to the driver and she already paid the cost of the girl who wear a black jacket sitting behind ( it's me). Oh my God! that;s miracle,, very grateful to the good of that women. In fact, at that time, Lulu really did'nt talk to that women,, means money in the pocket Lulu intact into 6500 rupiah, very relieved because enough money to go home. But apparently God is very kind to Lulu, on the way back towards the first stop, a sudden, transport drivers are not willing to pay, even thoughs he never spoke with the driver before, hey what's up with today? God truly hears the prayers of Lulu, she feels very blessed to this day and feels like met angels. And she went on her way home with a cost of 3500 rupiah and 3000 rupiah left. truly extraordinary, apparently good intentions and strong embroidery prayerful surrender to the Lord is able to deliver the power of miracles. Lulu, the girl who should not be able to pay the freight on that day have been helped by the kindness of God :) 
So, have you ever had a story like Lulu? So how do you feel then?

Hayuning Santa Asisi


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